Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

The fuel pump serves an important function underneath the hood: it transports fuel from the gas tank into the engine. If the pump malfunctions, it is a big problem that you cannot wait to repair. Once the fuel pump is gone, it is gone and you won’t likely get your car moved to a repair shop without the help of a tow truck. If you pay attention to the signs of a bad fuel pump, however, it is much easier to take action before breakdown and prevent many headaches and hassles. What are some of the signs of a bad diesel fuel pump?


If the temperature gauge on the car rises, it could signal the fuel pump is in trouble. If the car stalls once the temperature gauge rises, it could also signal a problem with the vehicle’s motor. You may need to replace the fuel pump to resolve the problem.

Engine Sputters

When you start driving at high rates of speed, do you notice the engine begins to sputter? The most common sign of a bad fuel pump is an engine that sputters when driven at high speeds. The sputtering occurs because the stream of fuel isn’t coming through continuously the way that it should.

Fuel Pressure Gauge

diesel fuel pump

The fuel pressure gauge indicates the amount of fuel the engine is getting. You should rev up the engine while someone else is driving to determine the amount that is going through. Check with the owner’s manual to determine the appropriate amount and call a repairman if the numbers aren’t what’s recommended.

Lack of Power

When your vehicle travels up hills or has a lot of cargo, does it begin to lose power? Many people wrongly assume this is normal when in fact it likely occurs due to issues with components underneath the hood. The fuel pump may be one of the components that is responsible for this lack of power.